I have pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in my lungs) and a blood clot in my right leg (venous thrombosis) so after my little enforced vacation stay in the hospital the doctor put me on Xarelto, this teeny tiny pill to take once a day for six months.
–You start with 15mg twice a day for twenty days and then switch to 20mg once a day “with food”.

Xarelto on a quarter

The only problem I’m having –being less than graceful– is hanging on to that itty-bitty bastard. It’s not all that bad, but I drop one at least twice a month. –So far I’ve managed to find it every time and I’m very careful to stand next to the counter when I open the bottle but I still wouldn’t bet that my streak will hold.

At any rate, back to where I was originally heading, have you ever looked at the “may cause” disclaimer on medicine? Jesus Christ. How does the FDA ever approve anything?

If you Google Xeralto you will be given choices that include lawsuits. Not a good sign.

It seems that back in 2011 the FDA expressed concerns about the drug but approved it for people with deep vein thrombosis or having knee replacement. –Read more on The Raw Story.

Now there are almost 2000 lawsuits pending. Of course I wonder how many of those were generated by the ads placed by law firms. I’m not being cynical, but human nature being what it is, I’m just being realistic.

But you know, after reading the Warfarin side effects I’m not sure the risks are any higher. So I’ll stick with a pill that doesn’t require lots of blood tests. And so far, like the majority of patients, I’ve had zero side effects. But I’ve got several more months to go so we’ll see.

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