TheNowReport.Vegas Media Room is an up and coming online newspaper, and because I know most of the people involved, I can wander around at will.
(If you go to the Now Report website, please excuse the incredibly annoying popup ad for The Park. The MGM is their primary sponsor, and their webmaster hasn’t yet figured out how to deal with such things.)

So I thought I’d show you their media room.

As you enter the first thing you notice is the pool table. It’s a cheap bar sized table with cushions that are so dead the vultures have landed. But it’s level, and if you’re one of those guys that shoots like they’re trying to drive the ball through the rail, it’s playable. And yes, that really is a ping pong table you see in the background.
TheNowreport media room Pool table

This is their two person basketball game. –I mostly bounce it out of my hoop and in to my opponent’s hoop.
TheNowreport basketball game

They actually have a couple of TVs hanging on the wall for watching CNN, that everybody seems to ignore. They also have a couple of desks, but I noticed that most of the actual meetings are done standing up.
Desk in thenowreport media room

And this is what I want to play with. It’s a 27″ iMac, complete with a full subscription to Adobe, that sees very little use.
TheNowreport Video editing station
They use it for editing video, but unless it’s a big story, they wind up doing most of their editing on laptops.

Their previous editor was a news reporter that had won a number of awards, but who hadn’t done much editing. Between her lack of experience and her OCD it took her several days to get a story done. She would work it until almost finished and then decide to start over because it wasn’t perfect.

Now she’s off to work for a big city news outlet where she will have a full time editor and her very own cameraman.

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