Pictures of Nevada

These are just a some old photos I ran across.

This is a ranch just out of Lida Junction (the intersection of hwy 95 and hwy 266) not too far from the old Bob Hope place.
ranchThis was originally the site of a mine that never made any money, in fact the main shaft is still visible on the hill across the road, played out, crumbling and condemned.

This is the first real green spot you can see coming up out of the desert with a stand of trees that are probably 100yrs old. The green bushes you see in the foreground are watered by the runoff of a natural spring that provides water for the ranch.

It’s a quiet spot far from the lights and noise of the city with hawks nesting in the big old trees and a few fruit trees that attract song birds.

The fruit and grass also attract an abundance of rabbits and ground squirrels that keep the coyotes, foxes and larger hawks well fed.

As a side note: A friend of mine asked if the coyotes were a danger. As a rule unless they’re sick coyotes run away when people approach. They may yap at you if you climb the hill and get too close to a den but that’s about as threatening as they get.

This is a view of modern day Tonapah, Nv. The hill in the background shows the marks of the mining that’s still the major source of employment for the town.

And this is the way folks moved back in the day – the family wagon. (Sam’s Town)covered wagon