People Watching #10 – La Generale

La Generale is from the south of Italy, Naples to be precise; and trust me, there are plenty of good reasons the rest of Italy is just a little afraid of them.

In spite of being five foot nuthin’ she can be incredibly intimidating. Something about growing up as the only girl in a family of five, and in a male dominated society to boot.

All of her brothers were at least twice her size (no big deal, I once had a dog that weighed more than she does). But they still called her “the general” because she’s always been the one to give orders and she doesn’t take shit from anybody. –That attitude is probably why she’s the toughest, most successful negotiator I’ve ever met.

Her only failing is that she’s always shooting from the hip. I once listened to her lecturing the girls. She started out with whatever you do never-ever do “A,” and five minutes later she ended with, whatever you do always do “A.”

I’ve known her for more than a decade, she’s always had a short fuse and her answers always come straight off the top of her head. So I tell the girls if she yells at them she’ll not only calm down in half an hour or so, she’ll probably forget that she was yelling. And if they ask her something and they don’t like the answer, they should wait fifteen or twenty minutes, then rephrase the question. They’re sure to get a different answer.

–Yep. That’s my boss.