Something To Do and Living on a Budget

I’m trying to find something to do when I’m living on Social Security. (Mary, mother of God, that makes me feel old.)

To that end, I’ve picked up an amazing amount shit junk and crap over the years, intending to use it “later.”

I bought this little unimat lathe to make models, and I used it once.
Unimat Lathe in wooden box

I bought this book on stringing pearls just because one of the girls at work restrung some pearls for the boss, and I hate to have someone else knowing how to do something simple when I can’t.
pearl stringing book
Yup, I can now string pearls. And this is useful why? I don’t even like pearls, much less enjoy sitting for hours stringing them. -Patience is never going to be my strongest attribute.

Of course the pearl book led to my buying a bunch of other jewelry shit.
bead and wire art jewelry bookjeweler's hammersjewelry wire looperjewelry thingamajig
It’s all “good shit,” but only if you’re going to use it, and somehow I doubt that I’ll ever become a jeweler.

You get my drift.

I used to buy things with the intention of using them to learn something new and then putting them away “for later.” Now I have to watch my spending.

Which in turn means I have to go on a budget, and at the risk of repeating myself… that sucks!

I’ve always thrown away the ads that come in the mail, but now I’ve started reading them.

For instance, at Smart and Final I could buy an 18 pack of eggs for 99 cents. But I have to buy four items on some list that, as I understand it, only the store manager has.

Who the hell writes ads that people like me can’t figure out. I’m sure if I shopped the ads everyday I’d understand, but I don’t, so I don’t.

Meanwhile, the other stores are starting to be just as oblique in their wording. Why can’t they just say what they mean? It’s starting to feel like I’m buying a used car, not a few eggs.

Albertson’s is returning to coupons. But I just read the ads and don’t pay much attention to this resurrected dinosaur, because the few times I’ve tried to use them they were either expired or I left them on the kitchen counter.

Next they’ll bring back their member cards and we’ll need to remember to bring them both.

But my biggest bitch about ads and specials is that they are aimed at people who have large families and buy in quantity. Which leaves me out. –In spite of outward appearances I’m only eating for one.

I’ll figure out this whole getting old thing, but probably not ’til after I’m dead.

Still whining means I’m still alive.

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