The Police Have a New Helicopter

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a new helicopter.

Well, it’s new to me anyway. We have so many planes, helicopters and drones in the sky over Vegas that the only time I notice any of them is when they’re directly in front of me or flying low over my house.
metro helicopter
another angle on metro chopper
third shot of metro helicopter

When I heard it, I grabbed my camera a took a few shots. I know I used the wrong lens, 18-135mm USM, but my long lens is put away and this was attached to the camera. So there you go.

Besides, kit lens or not, I really like this lens. So unless I’m chasing birds this is what lives on my camera, with my 50mm and my 10-18mm waiting in my bag.

In the meantime, this critter is what I’ve always wanted.

Forget the jet packs, this looks easier to fly and maneuver. Not to mention, it looks like a lot of fun. A helicopter in a suitcase. Everybody ought to own one.

Oops…. According to the Wikipedia the Hoppi-Copter was first flown in 1948 and turned out to be extremely hard to control. –It now lives in the Smithsonian.

Never mind.

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