People Watching #11 – Flaquita

Back to people watching.

Flaquita is 5 foot nuthin’, maybe 100 lbs soaking wet and pretty. She’s been with us since she first turned 18 and inspite of working with a bunch of women, she’s still a sweetheart…… mostly.

Yeah, she’s got a bit of an attitude. But at risk of overstating the obvious, I’ve never met a pretty teenager who didn’t have an attitude.

Having made the comment about “a bit of an attitude,” I feel like I need to warn you guys, most days she’s easy to deal with, but on her bad days she’s a full blown bitch.

What really amazes me about her is that she’s fairly bright, but my God, she’s naive. Let me put it this way: She and her current boyfriend have matching tattoos because they’re going to love each other forever and ever.
–Riiiight, “Happily-ever-after.” I’m absolutely certain that it happens. Just not in my little corner of the world.

Next fantasy:
Being a typical short person she wants a big ol’ truck or suv. Of course when she drives the family Expedition she complains about how much it costs to fill the tank and how often it needs to be done. –So she drives her little car. 🙂

Beyond that, you can add whatever cliche you’ve heard about teenage girls and you’ve got a pretty fair chance of being right.

Question. Do you ever look at someone and wonder if you were ever that young and dumb? –I certainly wasn’t. 😉

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