A Bad Client Bites the Dust

I woke up this morning to my phone ringing and the sound of total panic when I picked up. It seems that a blog I admin crashed last night. Okay, so what happened?

Well, “it wasn’t me” chimed in first, while “I never touched it” nodded in agreement. -Yeah, right. The site was so freakin’ depressed after reading your posts that it tried to commit suicide be corrupting its own database.

The truth is, boy genius went in late last night to show off his mad skills and managed to fuck up the site so bad that I can’t save it.

Now he expects me to fix it for free. Okay, no problem. I’m taking back the domain he never paid me for, I’ve already changed the password on Cpanel so he can’t get in, I’m going to do a fresh install of WordPress, and then I’m going to figure out what to do with another unused domain.

The best part of this mess is that he’s the attorney that wrote up my first contract for services, which is pretty much airtight. And he signed a copy on the day we shook hands on this deal. Now I get to hold it over his head until the cheap son of a bitch gives me money. I’ve been trying to find a way of getting him to pay or leave for several months. Now he’ll pay, or we can go to court with his former law partner representing me pro bono. I bet he didn’t see that one coming.

Normally I hate having someone wake me up at sunrise because they screwed something up, but today it was worth it.

My Day Just Got Better

I was bitching about having to run up and down the stair trying to deal with server and network problems.

At least I was until I found out that cop I know, who works out at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas, had the pleasure of dealing with a Spirit airlines passenger, who took off all his clothes and approached a flight attendant.

Don’t know the details, but it’s time to cue up the “Snakes on a Plane” jokes.

Exercise is Good for You

“Exercise is good for you.” We’ve all heard it, but, personally, I think the first person to make that statement had a sideline selling pain meds.

I’m trying to change old habits –again–, but when I got up this morning, in addition to my normal aches and pains, my good leg started to spasm. This is not how any of us want to start our day. The cause of this latest pain was starting a light exercise routine.

Look, I know I’ll never be 24 and skinny ever again.
Me drunk and 24

But I also don’t want to be like this guy again. –Except for the cold beer and the two cuties. I was at least 70lb overweight and probably would have had a heart attack if they’d have taken me up on my suggestion. –At least I’d have died happy.
Me drunk and fat in 2009

I have a treadmill that I use as a treadmill, not a clothesline.
NordicTrack treadmill

I’m putting an effort into this change and because I’m doing it for me, and not to impress anyone, I may have a modicum of success. I even bought a stretchy jump rope looking thingie for those days when I can’t use free weights because my left shoulder is screaming.

I’ve also gone to great lengths to cut back on the amount of food I eat. Which is tough, because I tend to feed my taste buds, not my stomach. And yes, I can make top-ramen edible, but why would I want to unless my cupboards were completely bare.

So it looks like I’m heading over to Trader Joe’s in the morning to buy a bunch of frozen dinners, like Tikka Masala or Lamb Vindaloo. They start at $3.50, go up to around $5, are only about 600 calories and take 6 or 7 minutes to cook. They save money, they save time, they taste good, but they’d be much better if there was more food.

Ah well, I can always fill up with a salad…. Not effing likely.

Fixing What’s Wrong Around the House

I’m going to be unemployed as of the 21st of August. So I’ve started getting ready to rip the house apart.

Plan A was to replace the tub with a shower, but a realtor told me that a lot of people still want a tub. So, I’ve left the wallboard in place and I’m shopping for a new surround.
Getting ready for the new surround

That’s only if I can get the stains out of the tub. If not, I’ll replace it too.

After that, it’s back to the kitchen and a new counter, and so-on.

I figure I’ve got a good six weeks worth of work around the house before I need to start worrying about what to do with my time.

Humidity in Las Vegas

The humidity is at 28% here in Vegas, the temp’s 100°, and it’s taking its toll.

I got up -a bad start- and everything hurt. I figured it was just arthritis from beating myself up for all these years, but once I stood up, I swear the entire room shifted, and I found myself hoping my head would explode and relieve the pressure.

I’ve got perpetual sinus trouble, in fact, I can’t even scuba dive anymore, so I’m used to it. But seems that the current problem stems from my becoming so acclimated to our normally dry air that on my bad days it only takes a little humidity totally mess up my system. Which is weird, because I’ve been a lot of places where 28% was a dry spell and it never bothered me.

I figured out how to fix the problem:
First you take Pseudoephedrine with four aspirin
Pseudoephedrine and aspirin
and then you take a tall shot of vodka.
Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka black label
Yup, a bad combination if ever there was one, and my doctor is probably yelling at the monitor because he’s not here to yell at me. But within a half an hour I started feeling better.

I’ll admit that my gut’s a bit of a mess, but on the whole, I’m feeling pretty good, so it’s a fair trade.

Heck, this morning I couldn’t even look at food, but now I’m drinking coffee and wondering what I have in the fridge.

So all’s as right with the world as it’s likely to get.