It’s Con Artist Season in Vegas

The weather is nice and the predators are descending on our valley en masse.

The latest to try and scam me was a charming older gentleman who said his attorney wanted $1200 to finish a $1.5 million deal or it was all off. Then he said that he was going to be the sole trustee for a $28 million trust with a $3 million paycheck for running it.

Okay, let’s review:
He has millions of dollars coming in but his attorney was holding it up over chump change.
He only needs you to invest between $1,000 and $10,000 to have wealth beyond measure with a promise of double your money back.
He can’t come up with a measly grand because his money was tied up in his big time productions.
–Yeah, Riiiiigggght.–

Why didn’t he just tell me his name was be Prince Gimmeurcash from Nigeria and all he needs is my banking information so he can send me billions.

I don’t mind them thinking I’m stupid but it annoys me to no end when they try and prove it.


In keeping with the title of this post. -Something I started several months ago and never finished writing. I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite toys that I haven’t taken out in over a year.

It’s my Sigma 300-800mm. Let’s see, it only weighs 12lbs and is a mere 2ft long.

It’s capable of taking great photographs but the technique required for getting a decent shot at 800mm is rather exacting because the slightest movement on this end translates into a huge movement out at the far end. This means the use of a remote release, locking the mirror up, learning to drape your arm over the top of the lens without leaning on it or any number of similar methods of dampening any possible vibrations. It also means using a very sturdy tripod and a good stable head.

The real trouble with this beast is that by the time you get the camera, lens, head and tripod assembled you’re humping something over 20lbs. This means that a two mile hike on level ground turns in to a twenty mile uphill trek by the time you decide to pack it in. Especially during the summer months here in Las Vegas when the 85 deg temperature at 6am becomes 100 degrees by 10 and 115 by noon. 🙁

Blue Heron
Blue heron off a monopod -750mm at 50 meters.