Weird eBay Communication

I could not make this shit up. –This is a real message I received from a seller on eBay.

Dear Sir
i am oprating this account after 2 months …
i am in a problem at this time i am sending this me to my all buyers.
your item is on DHL counter and in 24 Hour your items will be on track …

i need to say you 1 thing
i need a positive feed back at this time if i will not recieve the positive feed back at this time my work will stop … ebay stop me to list at this time that’s why i said that please give me a positive feed back

its my highly request to remain my account open

thank you for this kindness



Paging Mr Hemingway

I was reading about the Russian Orthodox church protesting Madonna’s show and I remembered back in 2006 when they protested Madonna’s show because she appeared to be crucified, wearing a crown of thorns while she sang Live to Tell.

The church was understandably upset, but push come to shove, it all came down to something like a couple of hundred protesters trying to disrupt the concert vs a sold out audience of 30,000 rabid Madonna fans. Three guesses who won.

At any rate I came across a few photos of the protesters and this guy jumped out at me. Is it just me, or does he look like he ought to be starring in a movie based on something by Hemingway?
He’s representing the Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers.

And you’ve got to love their flag.
This may not be the Jolly Roger of pirate fame but in it’s own way it’s even scarier. The pirates are in it for the money but the religious fanatics are going to save your soul even if it kills you –literally.


I thought I’d post some sculptures created by a friend of mine.

This Doris and Cyd from back in 2006

I wouldn’t say Cyd’s been around, but he served in the army in WWII, he’s owned a restaurant, been a carpenter, run food and beverage for a joint here in Las Vegas, and catered at least one wedding for a member of Nevada’s black book.

These days he’s retired and at 88 he’s finally slowed down a bit, mostly because of his sciatica, not because he’s run out of projects.

In fact until a couple of years ago he was manhandling the metal used in creating these sculptures.



As Performers Continue to be Arrested, #iTOMB Keeps Calm and Carries On:)

This is an excerpt of a post by David Everitt-Carlson: starving artist, Occupy Wall Street protester and owner/author of “I Think Outside My Box” (iTOMB)

As Performers Continue to be Arrested, #iTOMB Keeps Calm and Carries On:)

Soviet Union 1975: A violinist was arrested in the subway last week for, you didn’t guess it, playing a violin. And yes, those of us old enough to remember what we were told about that evil Soviet empire at the time might find that odd, but that was then, and this is now – in America, nonetheless.

How’s that New World Order workin’ out for ya.

But Matthew Christian, the violinist and staunch advocate of Buskers Rights, is not alone. All over the city musicians, performers and artists are being summonsed, arrested and harassed for their exercise of their, and your, First Amendment rights. And if you don’t think that really matters to you, read on.

This is an interesting perspective on artists rights in NYC. – Remember, if it can happen in New York City it can happen here.