How Not to Lose Weight

I’m trying to lose weight, but It’s not going well.

A man stopped by my office selling tamales.

So, because I’m on my diet, I only bought a dozen.

This dude has been successfully selling tamales for at least 10 years.

Like all street vendors around here, he may or may not have a license and all the requisite permits, but his food is really good. Which is all I ever worry about.

I guess it’s because of all the food stalls/carts I’ve eaten from.

If you’re traveling, I guarantee that if you look for the vendors with long lines, the food will be better than the overpriced stuff that you get in the average tourist restaurant.

As for my weight; fuck it!

I starve myself and it takes at least a month to lose five pounds, and I’m miserable the whole time.

Well, I guess I’ll dust off my treadmill and use it until I can walk far enough to grab my camera and wander aimlessly looking for something interesting.

In the meantime I’ve eaten two of the tamales and it’s not even noon yet. 😉

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