Nikon SMZ-10 Microscope

I bought a new microscope on eBay by accident. –I made an offer that I thought was way too low and they accepted it.

Talk about a mixed blessing. I got a new microscope that I’ve been jonesin’ for the last couple of years, but I had to spend money I don’t have.

At any rate it’s a Nikon smz-10 trinocular –which means it has a built in camera port– with beautiful optics and a selector that allows you to shoot photos through the right, left or both lenses.
smz10 selector

The microscope is also modular in design allowing someone to add this section, that for some -thus far unknown- reason, has a mirror that hangs off the side in a fixed position, facing straight down. –I suppose I could set my coffee cup on it, but somehow I doubt that that’s the original purpose.
Nikon smz10

On that same side, just under the mirror, is a focusable lens and a small silver piece that slides out to allow the light from the microscope to enter the lens.
smz10 lens and shutter

I haven’t been able to figure it out by myself, so I’ll probably drop a line to absolute clarity and calibration and hopefully he’ll know and take the time to respond. In the meantime I’ll do a little testing to see whether or not it adversely effects the quality of the image.

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  1. That could be pretty awesome… and I suddenly wonder what half the stuff in line of sight would look like under it… and what I’d have to do to get slide samples for the other half.

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