Nice Restored Old Car

I was rolling down the highway at 45mph when I looked over and spotted this sweet, fully restored old car keeping up with traffic. Which is a little weird, because most of the restored cars out of that era that I’ve seen don’t accelerate quickly enough to keep up.
Restored red car
It obviously had a fresh engine because it didn’t have to work very hard to maintain speed. In fact it was quieter and smoother that the mid 90s beater a few cars ahead of me.

I have no idea how much he spent to restore it, or how long it took, but the car looked like new. It’s hell of a lot nicer than the ’31 Buick sitting in Pioneer Loan and Jewelry. (Theirs is strictly a parade car not a cherry’d out show car.)

I don’t know how “correct” the car is, but I didn’t spot any body work or orange peal, and he knew how to shift without having the car buck or the gears grind. So I’m guessing it’s pretty close to the way it was when it rolled out of the factory.

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