Laying natural gas pipes

Contractors for Southwest Gas are laying new pipes all around the neighborhood. Fortunately, they only two or three trucks and a couple of trailers for their equipment and they only work on one side of the street at a time, so they don’t block the road.

Getting in or out is still kind of a mess, but the flier we received –after construction had started– said that they expect to be finished in 2018. It didn’t say when in 2018, but, at least they narrowed it down to which year.

A backhoe is their only piece of “normal” job site equipment I’ve seen. They did, however, bring in a specialty workhorse by Ditch Witch.

Now, this is a seriously cool beast of a machine. It has an auger for drilling location holes and a rotating chamber, sort of like a revolver, where the guys load the pipe, which it automatically feeds into the hole while screwing the pieces together.
laying pipes with style
Until I saw this unit, I didn’t even know Ditch Witch made a machine this big. In fact, when I hear the name Ditch Witch I automatically think of one of those little trenchers they use on farms when they’re laying irrigation lines.

In the meantime, I think I’ll call this final shot, “enthusiasm.”
a guy being paid by the hour

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