Humidity in Las Vegas

The humidity is at 28% here in Vegas, the temp’s 100°, and it’s taking its toll.

I got up -a bad start- and everything hurt. I figured it was just arthritis from beating myself up for all these years, but once I stood up, I swear the entire room shifted, and I found myself hoping my head would explode and relieve the pressure.

I’ve got perpetual sinus trouble, in fact, I can’t even scuba dive anymore, so I’m used to it. But seems that the current problem stems from my becoming so acclimated to our normally dry air that on my bad days it only takes a little humidity totally mess up my system. Which is weird, because I’ve been a lot of places where 28% was a dry spell and it never bothered me.

I figured out how to fix the problem:
First you take Pseudoephedrine with four aspirin
Pseudoephedrine and aspirin
and then you take a tall shot of vodka.
Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka black label
Yup, a bad combination if ever there was one, and my doctor is probably yelling at the monitor because he’s not here to yell at me. But within a half an hour I started feeling better.

I’ll admit that my gut’s a bit of a mess, but on the whole, I’m feeling pretty good, so it’s a fair trade.

Heck, this morning I couldn’t even look at food, but now I’m drinking coffee and wondering what I have in the fridge.

So all’s as right with the world as it’s likely to get.

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