House Work means DIY.

House work is one of the joys of owning your own home. By “house work,” I don’t mean dusting, I mean replacing whatever is broken today.

I had a 4ft, 4 bulb, florescent light in the kitchen give up the ghost, so I replaced it with a 4ft LED light.
Led lights fixture label

LEDs on fixture

Led lights turned on

Led light fixture lit up

To my eyes, this LED unit seems to put out twice as much light as the old school florescent unit, and, according to the label, it will save me something like $458 dollars over the lifetime of the product.

Also according to the label, the “lifetime” is something like 50,000 hours. So, let’s see; there are 8760 hours in a year, that makes it a tiny bit less than 6 years, which works out to about $76 per year. It doesn’t sound nearly as impressive when you put it like that, does it?

To bring even more joy to my life, the garbage disposal died that same day. -I wonder why?
Bottom of garbage disposal showing rust
(As a side note: If the part you connect to the sink says “insinkerator” and so does the one you’re pulling, you don’t have to replace the flange unless there’s something wrong. Because, as far as I can tell, they are all interchangeable.)

So, after taking a trip to the hardware store, and lightening my wallet by a couple of hundred bucks. I got to crawl under the sink and then climb up a ladder. -Multiple times.

Well, at least I got my exercise.

Of course my back is screaming at me about knowing better than to crawl under sinks, and my bad shoulder is reminding me why I shouldn’t work overhead. But it’s done, which is a good thing.

The bad news is that, while I was under the sink, I noticed that the valves are badly in need of replacement. So, once again, I get the joy of dragging a 6’4″, 275lb, frame into a kitchen cabinet.

On days like this I feel like I need a landlord to call, cuz, I’m too damn old for this shit.

On the upside, I may have to fix everything myself, but I can paint my living room purple with orange polka dots if want. –Yeah, that’s a scary picture.

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