Elvis Lives, If Only at Walmart

Elvis lives, at the Walmart superstore on Nellis and Boulder, Hwy. in Las Vegas. Because it’s the local training center for Walmart managers, every so often they have a graduation celebration.

This is how they party at Walmart.
Elvis, Walmart, and Showgirls

They also had an Elvis impersonator, but the eye-candy was a hell of a lot more interesting.

I didn’t see an open bar so I guess the best these FNGs could hope for was some decent cake and a short party. I mean, just how much Elvis can you sit through while remaining sober?

With Elvis the pelvis falling out of favor everywhere but wedding chapels, I bet the impersonator was glad to get the gig.

Just to remind you that Elvis will be around for a while, here’s a picture I took at a local gas station.
Elvis and his pink Chevy
I love that pink –not my favorite color, but still cool– Chevy. It’d look even cooler without all those teddy bears in the back window.

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