Changes in iPhone OS 11 image format

First the new image naming system in iPhone OS 11 is weird.
The old system: IMG_0201
The new system: 9447702A-59FF-4DB7-B9F8-92E52418FFAF

Do they realize that their alpha-numeric id is longer than a Windows serial number?

And then the new image format is HEIF (heef) -High-Efficiency Image File- instead of jpeg. It can store multiple images in a single file which is great for their “live” photos. (A short video for lack of a better description.)

On the upside the output is jpeg, so there’s no real compatibility problem. I just want to be able to work with the original image(s) and not have to fight the iPhone software conversion.

Adobe is working on a way of handling this new format, but that takes time.

And the last thing I read about Microsoft is that they have nothing to say. Surprise, surprise.

As with all things, change is inevitable. Heck I even got used to the live photos. It’s great for people because you can go through it frame by frame and pick the best of them.
–I use the video2photo app to review and choose. (I just checked and the app still seems to be working well)

There are, God only knows, how many websites and groups dedicated to iPhoneography, and I admit that I take a lot of fast and dirty shots with my phone. However until someone makes some serious changes it’ll never compete with a real camera.

The truth is that this current photo system works for what I use my phone for. To top it off, to my eye at least, the photos look as good, possibly better, than they did with the old system. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

This is because the experts say I need to include a picture.
Admiring herself in the mirror

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