Moving Shit, Finding Gemological Stuff

I’ve been moving shit around, trying to get organized, but mostly making a huge mess, while I try to sort and organize everything.

I found this foam box buried under a bunch of canvas bags full of stuff I was saving. (I hadn’t looked in any of them in several years, but it was all “good stuff.” –Really it was.)
Hard foam box


At any rate, I pulled it out and put together the device inside.
desktop spectroscope

It’s a desktop gemological spectroscope, by the International School of Gemology that I bought but never used.


I found it on eBay, so I guess someone else started learning, got all excited about the toys, and never finished the course. Or, like me, bought a bunch of tools, and then found out that they didn’t need all this fancy equipment for day to day dealings.

Ah, well. Back to it. I’ve got a bunch more “good shit” to sort through, including more gemological tools that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

My last day at Pioneer Loan after 17 odd years.

I thought tomorrow was my last day, but we’re closing for a company going away party. Free beer, free food, and a paid day off. Not a bad way to go out.

Although the idea of not having to be at work is hard to wrap my head around. The last time I took a long time off, I wound up running a used bookstore for minimum wage.

As weird as it sounds to people like me who look forward, my problem is going to be too much free time. I don’t have any hobbies that will keep me occupied for more than a few hours a week. So I’ve been looking around the house to see what needs fixing and what I need to throw out. That last bit is going to be hard for a pack rat like me, but when I’m done the place may actually be livable.

I’m the exact opposite of my mother who always wanted a house that looked like the houses in Architectural Digest -not possible. My goal, on the other hand, is to be able to walk through the house at night without stubbing my toe.

This said I brought home the small refrigerator from my office. It’s currently sitting in my kitchen, which is kind of small, so tonight I have to relocate the little beast. I have no idea where but it’s already proving to be a hazard, so it’ll go…. someplace.

In the meantime, I have two other blogs that need attention, one on writing and one for recipes. Neither of these is for anything more than a place for personal stuff. Of course, that’s all this is for. I guess I keep them up because I own the domains and can’t bring myself to dump them…. at the moment.

Another problem is that I tend to eat when I get bored and I need to lose weight not pack it on.

Bottom line. I’m about to be unemployed and have no clue how to do it. –A few weeks fixing shit and then back to work… someplace.

Last Time Sheet

I thought I’d post my last time sheet, after 15+ years, for Pioneer Loan.
last timesheet at pioneer

They’ve always been hand written, and this last one is a blank, left over from 2015, we found in the office.

So, now I’m going to work on my house in earnest. But after a month or so I should be done with the kitchen, bathroom and roof. Then what?

I can tell you why guys retire and die within the first couple of years. –It’s boring!!

Even on my three days off, I find myself staring at the boob-tube, eating because I’m bored, or sitting in front of my computer doing nothing. I just can’t wait until I have no place to be.

I once took four years off and got so bored I wound up running a used bookstore for minimum wage.

Having said all that, I guess it’s time to consider a new career.

    I’m tired of building websites and fighting with Google.
    I have no overwhelming urge to become a security guard.
    –And so far I’ve only been offered two jobs:
    One as a tour guide, dealing with tourists who don’t speak English, and their noisy brats.
    The other is working for one of my oldest friends, who has no clue how to bid a job or how to pay people on time.

With no 401, damn little money in the bank, and SSA paying a pittance compared to what I’ve paid in, I really will need a job.

But first I’m going to fix a few things around the house, and then I’m going fishing.

A Bad Client Bites the Dust

I woke up this morning to my phone ringing and the sound of total panic when I picked up. It seems that a blog I admin crashed last night. Okay, so what happened?

Well, “it wasn’t me” chimed in first, while “I never touched it” nodded in agreement. -Yeah, right. The site was so freakin’ depressed after reading your posts that it tried to commit suicide be corrupting its own database.

The truth is, boy genius went in late last night to show off his mad skills and managed to fuck up the site so bad that I can’t save it.

Now he expects me to fix it for free. Okay, no problem. I’m taking back the domain he never paid me for, I’ve already changed the password on Cpanel so he can’t get in, I’m going to do a fresh install of WordPress, and then I’m going to figure out what to do with another unused domain.

The best part of this mess is that he’s the attorney that wrote up my first contract for services, which is pretty much airtight. And he signed a copy on the day we shook hands on this deal. Now I get to hold it over his head until the cheap son of a bitch gives me money. I’ve been trying to find a way of getting him to pay or leave for several months. Now he’ll pay, or we can go to court with his former law partner representing me pro bono. I bet he didn’t see that one coming.

Normally I hate having someone wake me up at sunrise because they screwed something up, but today it was worth it.

My Day Just Got Better

I was bitching about having to run up and down the stair trying to deal with server and network problems.

At least I was until I found out that cop I know, who works out at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas, had the pleasure of dealing with a Spirit airlines passenger, who took off all his clothes and approached a flight attendant.

Don’t know the details, but it’s time to cue up the “Snakes on a Plane” jokes.