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A Decision Has Been Made

Well, a final decision has been made. The new company offered me a job that pays less than my max unemployment. I told my boss that I’m not even considering going to work for the new guys. I’m not cut out to be a corporate drone.

So, just as soon as I find out what the last day is, I’m calling social security and finding out how this short year is going to effect my total. Not that I can live on it, but it’s good to know. –Okay, my house is paid off, so I can get by, it just won’t be any fun.

Depending on what the SSA tells me I may even apply for unemployment and coast til November.

I’m even thinking about going to work for an old friend. The dude has no idea how to bill for his services, so my work and my pay will be sporadic, but it’s something to do.

I think what I really need a hobby that will make me a few extra bucks. Unfortunately I have no artistic talent, I’m a crappy writer, and I once tried making a living as a photographer but I hated it with a passion. –If you’ve ever tried to make a fat forty year old look like the slim 20 year old she remembers, or shot a wedding for the Bickersons, you understand.

On the other hand my former partner still loves it…. he’s insane.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like photography, just as long as no people are involved, but I’m not sure it will keep me occupied.

I guess I’m afraid of becoming one of those old guys with no life, sitting around waiting to die.

So much for not whining.

I’m working through it but it feels like my depression will be around for a while. Which means, in all likelihood, this blog will be even more depressing and aimless before I suck it up and deal with it.

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Feeling My Age

I’m feeling old. I turn 66 in November, that’s when I can collect the full amount of my social security. Unless, of coarse, I want to wait until I’m 72, and then they’ll give me a few hundred more every month. –Can you say actuary tables? They’re betting I won’t live long enough for them to lose money on the deal.

I’m about to be unemployed. The new company is going to offer me less than half what I make now. I can make more than that by going on unemployment.

Their big selling point is a 401k and benefits. As I said, I’m almost 66. How the hell am I going to live long enough for a 401k, based on 9 bucks an hour, to do me any good? And benefits? I’m stuck with medicare, so unless they have the world’s greatest benefits, it doesn’t make a rat’s ass worth of difference to me.

My problem goes back to the old tale of the ant and the grasshopper, and I ain’t no ant. I tried saving for a rainy day, but I wound up cashing in my annuities to pay for my house. –It ain’t much, but it’s mine, free and clear.

As for money in the bank, well I’ve got a little, but I pay for everything, even my groceries, with my credit card, so that’ll never get paid off. Who carries cash any more?

My real problem is that I have no fucking idea how to be old. Even if I’m right and I’ve got ten or maybe even twenty years left in this road worn body, in real life that just isn’t much time.

Yeah, everything hurts, but it still works. With the possible exception of my left knee, and that hurt like a mother this morning and acted like it was going to quit on me. But it didn’t so I’m still moving.

I have no idea how to live without the money and with the pain, but, as they say, life’s a bitch and then you die.

It’s time for me to work through this depression, and get over it.

Yep, I’m old, but, bottom line, it’s a choice of get old or die young, and it’s too late to change my mind.

Hey, maybe I’ll even decide where this blog’s going….. I’m kidding.

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The Company I Work For Is Being Sold

I just discovered that the company I work for is being sold with no guarantee that when the smoke clears and the dust settles, I’ll have a job. Shit!

Nice of them to tell me. I only discovered the when I was talking to the husband of one of our girls, who had sworn him to secrecy. –Oh, yeah, she gets to keep her job.

I guess they’ve already talked to several people, but I’m out of the loop because they have their own IT people and they work out of a central location.

Another dude I know is my age, and it looks like he’s too old for his new owners, so he’s probably screwed. The trouble with being over sixty is that thirty year old managers think you’re too damn old to be of any use to them.

I took madnessbeckons.com off line because the guy who started it made exactly three posts before he discovered that there was a buy out in progress for the pawn shop he had worked for for almost twenty years, and that he was about to be unemployed. –His boss was retiring and didn’t say anything because he was afraid someone would say something that would screw things up for him.

On the upside, a friend just gave me a bottle of Maker’s 46.
Bottle of Maker's 46
I’m not a bourbon drinker, but it looks like I’m going to start.


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Analytics Report Is Only a Guide

Have you ever looked at a Google analytics chart on your WordPress admin page and thought the data was giving you accurate, specific data?

Well, this is the graph from the plugin “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” on a relatively new blog.
google analytics chart

Would somebody explain to me how you get .25 visitors???

The numbers are pretty much bullshit no matter what you use. There will always be spiders and spammers that analytics will count as legitimate visits. And an update will sometimes even count the administrator among the visitors.

So we look at the numbers, take them with a grain of salt and only use them as trend markers.

If you want an accurate accounting, I’m afraid that you’ll just have to start some kind of membership site and make everybody login.

This post stemmed from a conversation with an overpaid desk jockey who thinks these numbers are the be-all, end-all of data collecting and will never admit he’s wrong.

Think I ought to tell him that the big boss comes to me if it’s important and that I make more than he does? –And I don’t have to wear a fucking tie.

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1996 Honda Goldwing For Sale at Pioneer

Over at Pioneer Loan and Jewelry they have a decked out, ’96 Goldwing with 120k miles.
1996 white Honda Goldwing

They’re asking $5k, but they don’t generally deal in motorcycles so they don’t have a lot of customers lining up to buy it. In fact I’d bet you could pick it up for $4k including sales tax.

Well, the first question that came to my mind was, why would anybody loan money on a bike that old? And where the heck do you store something that big in a pawn shop?

They have the room now that it’s out on the floor for sale, but they don’t have room for another bike. They barely have room for that one. So I guess they won’t be loaning on any more motorcycles. Shit, these days they don’t even take bicycles because they take up too much room.

Those people have been in the pawn business forever plus two days, but there are times when I just have to shake head, and wonder what the hell they were thinking.

Then again, maybe they’re not so dumb. I just talked to Johnny and he listed it on Offer Up. Of course the first offer was about a third of what they’re asking, but that always happens. First you get the people who expect you to pay them to take it off your hands, and then you get the serious offers.

So, if you live near Vegas and you’re looking for a nice, high mileage, 1200lb, road bike with a bunch of bells and whistles, go on down and make them a cash offer… You never can tell.

Always make an offer in a pawn shop. What’s the worst that will happen? They might say no, or maybe they’ll say yes, and you’ll have to figure out how to tell your wife, that you need to make room in the garage for a Honda Goldwing.