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Cops Raid Unlicensed Dispensary and Eat the Inventory

Side note:
Their defense attorney edited the video before releasing it so you can’t be sure what’s true. Original story is here: Voice of OC.

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More Stray Thoughts

Someone actually asked me if I smoke pot.
I’m an old hippie and the guy that took them aside at a party and explained the differences between Maui Waui and Acapulco Gold., so……

Friends stopped by and caught me working out, wearing a sleeveless shirt and a pair of old, ratty workout pants, complete with tears and split seams. They took a photo with their phone and posted it straight to Facebook. –I opened a cold one and didn’t offer them any. I’m just glad I wasn’t wearing my Thai fisherman pants. Those things are super comfortable, but they’d make Schwarzenegger look gay.

Linda –an ex-girlfriend– was drunk texting me asking if I had replaced her yet. I said nope, the remotes are on the bed and the dirty clothes are piled in a corner. She didn’t get it. –I speak fluent drunk but I can’t seem to put in writing in a way that she understands. –I probably spell out too many words.

Grandaddy Purple (my new favorite sleep aid) is pure indica with about 23% THC, which means you don’t light up if you have any intention of leaving the house. –Trust me on that.
It’s supposed to be medicinal, but the strain doesn’t have enough CBDs to affect my neuropathy. On the upside, it hits me so hard that I really don’t give a shit.

The FDA is starting to weigh in on CBDs, I’m sure THC is next.
FDA Says CBD Products Don’t Qualify as Dietary Supplements.

Some people I know are trying to get a marijuana dispensary license. If that fails they intend to open a bank to deal with the other dispensaries. I doubt they’ve thought that one through.
Other banks and credit unions have started, then bailed on the idea, because of the $3k a month -per account- it’s going to cost for taxes, special licensing and to hire more people to deal with the mass of paperwork required by various state and federal agencies.

One of my friends has a very pretty daughter who just graduated high school. Another friend who’s my age has started being overly nice to her.
I shut him down with this thought: “Ah, isn’t that cute, she’s dancing with her grandpa.” I know the effect is temporary but you should’ve seen his face drop. :-)

The mirror only lies if you let it.

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Low Number of MMJ Patients

They seem to have a temporary shortage of medical marijuana card holder around the country.

According to the Marijuana Business Daily Illinois is short on MMJ customers:

Illinois has approved just 2,500 patients for MMJ cards since opening the registry nearly nine months ago, which one attorney with ties to the medical marijuana industry called “embarrassingly low.” That’s a far cry from the state’s initial estimate of 75,000 potential patients and much less than many entrepreneurs had expected at this point

With that in mind, here in the State of Nevada they’re spending millions of dollars fighting tooth and nail over licenses. There are lawsuits, political turf battles and a bunch of idiots making rules on a subject they don’t understand. But the part that gets me is that there seems to be a complete and utter lack of awareness that only about 8,000 Nevadans had medical marijuana cards by the end of 2014.

On an even more depressing note: If you believe that the current regs will keep the old boy network from running rampant in Nevada read this:

Of the 55 provisional dispensary licenses awarded by the state, only 18 included the name of the company receiving the license. The other 37 licensees were not identified.

That’s because unlike most documents received by state agencies, information given to the Department of Health and Human Services as part of a medical marijuana license application is not considered public record.

Yesseree Bob. You’ve gotta love a system where they can look you in the eye and say “you just have to trust us, cus we ain’t sayin’ who has the license or how they got it.”

And as a final observation on the people enforcing the rules:
A friend who’s been doing business with the State of Nevada for years had to go back to the city to get a physical copy of her DBA because –without exaggeration– the folks in that state agency literally did not know what a DBA was.
—Nope, I did not make this up.

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Marijuana Storage

The Cannabist published this article on storing marijuana.

Ok. Some I’m reading along, nodding my head at their advice when I came upon this statement. “Figure on using your purchase within a year or so for the best effect.”
Huh? You mean they expect you to buy a year’s supply at a time? Obviously I hang out with the wrong people.

In the mean time, to sum it up: cool dark place. Not the fridge or the bathroom; too much humidity. –I would recommend putting it in a tightvac container and tossing it in the back of the cupboard.