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Nikon SMZ-10 Microscope

I bought a new microscope on eBay by accident. –I made an offer that I thought was way too low and they accepted it.

Talk about a mixed blessing. I got a new microscope that I’ve been jonesin’ for the last couple of years, but I had to spend money I don’t have.

At any rate it’s a Nikon smz-10 trinocular –which means it has a built in camera port– with beautiful optics and a selector that allows you to shoot photos through the right, left or both lenses.
smz10 selector

The microscope is also modular in design allowing someone to add this section, that for some -thus far unknown- reason, has a mirror that hangs off the side in a fixed position, facing straight down. –I suppose I could set my coffee cup on it, but somehow I doubt that that’s the original purpose.
Nikon smz10

On that same side, just under the mirror, is a focusable lens and a small silver piece that slides out to allow the light from the microscope to enter the lens.
smz10 lens and shutter

I haven’t been able to figure it out by myself, so I’ll probably drop a line to absolute clarity and calibration and hopefully he’ll know and take the time to respond. In the meantime I’ll do a little testing to see whether or not it adversely effects the quality of the image.

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Websites Need to be Mobile Friendly.

This is a post I started a few days back:

On April 21st Google is going to start dinging your page rank, or whatever they call it these days, for not being “mobile friendly.” So here I am fixing websites for the company, and a number of other people who don’t know how to fix the mess they spent months creating.

Google’s webmaster tools is one of the better resources to test your site. But when I changed the setups to get an attaboy from Google the appearance of the sites sucked. Several sites looked great in “Chrome, Canary” but looked awful on my old Galaxy S III.

I’m now looking forward to another long night, not because it’s difficult, but because nobody told me they had a problem until they were up against the wall. (I can’t even bitch because I’m guilty of putting off the work on my own sites as well.)

Well I beat the deadline on all the primary pages, but now I’m stuck going through an ungodly number of less important pages making sure that they are also mobile friendly.

No matter how simple it sounds when you first start this sort of project, it’s been my experience that websites are rarely laid out by some well organized master plan, instead they grow, kind of like that stuff in the back of the refrigerator. Lots of interesting colors, but completely forgotten, until you finally clean out the fridge. Or in this case the website. –For example, I have one very small business site with fewer than a dozen pages. But it’s directory is infested with a dozen more orphan pages and something between sixty and seventy images that no longer have any connection to the current installation. So I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time checking and rechecking all the active pages, hoping I don’t delete anything important. Yeah, I know I’ll undoubtedly zap something important. This is why I keep several backups in several places. –Murphy rules!

If you take that headache and multiply by six, maybe eight sites -I don’t remember for sure- toss in at least two sites that have been up since the late 90’s / early 2000’s and you can imagine what kind of mess I’m dealing with. –Excedrin is once again one of the major food groups.

The real trick is going to be figuring out which of the next batch of changes Google has been hinting about are going to be instituted and prepping for them, so it gets done without running on three or four hours sleep like I did this time around.

Ah well, I volunteered. Ending whine. Returning to work.

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DOJ says it can still prosecute medical marijuana cases

I did the short post on marijuana vs alcohol and ended with a question on the validity of a rumor about the Justice Department deciding they can still prosecute medical marijuana cases.

Here is the follow-up comment by Joe complete with link:

By J April 10, 2015 – 10:31 pm

Alas, it’s true, well here’s the quote..
It only stop’s them from. “impeding the ability of states to carry out their medical marijuana laws,” and the DOJ, said in a statement, “that it did not not believe the amendment applies to cases against individuals or organizations.”

People like that would bring back Prohibition.
–What a bunch of goose-stepping Nazis.–

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Marijuana vs Alcohol

This is something I found in the NY Times

Marijuana vs Alcohol

According to the doctor who wrote this he wouldn’t recommend either one, but if he had to choose it would be the marijuana. It has fewer nasty side effects.

All we have to do is get the tobacco industry behind it and we will be good to go. 

I heard that the DEA senior agent in charge of San Fransisco said that they interpreted the White House letter as applying to doctors and hospitals or some such and not to individuals or dispensaries. 

I’m still looking for the quote because that could flat raise hell with legal/medical marijuana.  — I hope it’s just a rumor but it’s just stupid enough to be true. :-(

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Medical Marijuana in Nevada

The state of Nevada finally legalized medical marijuana.

Good start, right? Not!!
In Reno there is a news story about the secrecy surrounding the vetting process for licenses and why certain parties received the license.

Here in the south there are several lawsuits against both Clark County and the State.

In the mean time in order to buy medical marijuana you need a special card.
In order to get that card you need to make, and pay for, appointment with your doctor to have him fill out a form stating what symptoms you suffer from that will allow the issuance of a medical marijuana card.
You then need to go to one of several “marijuana doctors” to get their approval. — For a fee.
You also need to send money to the state for a packet that you send back to get approval and then -assuming you’re approved– you get to stand in line at the DMV to give them money for your card.
Did anybody besides me notice the key word, “Money?”

This card is a once a year $100+ expense, so every year you get to jump through the same hoops and give everybody more money in order to renew your card.

On the upside; Business is booming for a friend of mine who just got a contract to install surveillance equipment in a major grow house just over the hill in Parump and he’s in talks with a couple of more.

It seems that they’re spending cash like they owned a printing press. So either they already have a number of high volume customers or they’re very, very sure of what the future will bring.

A last thought: Where medical marijuana goes recreational use follows. Just give us about five more years.