Triumph TR4 Photo

1964 Triumph TR4.

I was digging through thousands of old photos when I found this old B&W of a TR4 I put 100K+ miles on. –I told you I used to be skinny.–
red 1964 triumph tr4
If you look close you can see the front end of my old triumph 650 Bonnie.

The reason the photo’s so small is because I took it with an ancient Polaroid land camera.
Polaroid Land camera

Judging by the size of the photo, the camera was probably a pronto or some other cheap model.

Unfortunately, I’ve gone through so many freakin cameras, that there’s no way I can remember which one it was. –These days they’re too expensive to buy, try, and toss.

I’m not sentimental about cars or motorcycles, but that little Triumph was the car I drove to Jackson Hole, WY …for lunch. –That’s only a bit over 10hrs, and about 700mi.

Yup, I hated my job that much.

I miss that car, but I’ve put on a bit of weight since then, so, I’d have to buy two, strap one to each foot, and use them for roller skates.

Future super hero in training at the park

Future super hero in training.

I know I’ve posted this before, but I still think it’s funny.

This is just some guy I saw at the park. But these photos clearly demonstrate why it’s probably a bad idea to go to a public park by yourself if you’re going to practice, whatever the heck he was practicing.

Future super hero posing right.
hero pose right

Future super hero posing left.
hero pose left

Future super hero forward stretch (probably best left to super models.)
hero pose

Future super hero realizing he’s been caught on camera.
hero pose 2

A final thought: in a public park you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. So think before you pose… Just saying.

Changes in iPhone OS 11 image format

First the new image naming system in iPhone OS 11 is weird.
The old system: IMG_0201
The new system: 9447702A-59FF-4DB7-B9F8-92E52418FFAF

Do they realize that their alpha-numeric id is longer than a Windows serial number?

And then the new image format is HEIF (heef) -High-Efficiency Image File- instead of jpeg. It can store multiple images in a single file which is great for their “live” photos. (A short video for lack of a better description.)

On the upside the output is jpeg, so there’s no real compatibility problem. I just want to be able to work with the original image(s) and not have to fight the iPhone software conversion.

Adobe is working on a way of handling this new format, but that takes time.

And the last thing I read about Microsoft is that they have nothing to say. Surprise, surprise.

As with all things, change is inevitable. Heck I even got used to the live photos. It’s great for people because you can go through it frame by frame and pick the best of them.
–I use the video2photo app to review and choose. (I just checked and the app still seems to be working well)

There are, God only knows, how many websites and groups dedicated to iPhoneography, and I admit that I take a lot of fast and dirty shots with my phone. However until someone makes some serious changes it’ll never compete with a real camera.

The truth is that this current photo system works for what I use my phone for. To top it off, to my eye at least, the photos look as good, possibly better, than they did with the old system. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

This is because the experts say I need to include a picture.
Admiring herself in the mirror

Pictures of Nevada

These are just a some old photos I ran across.

This is a ranch just out of Lida Junction (the intersection of hwy 95 and hwy 266) not too far from the old Bob Hope place.
ranchThis was originally the site of a mine that never made any money, in fact the main shaft is still visible on the hill across the road, played out, crumbling and condemned.

This is the first real green spot you can see coming up out of the desert with a stand of trees that are probably 100yrs old. The green bushes you see in the foreground are watered by the runoff of a natural spring that provides water for the ranch.

It’s a quiet spot far from the lights and noise of the city with hawks nesting in the big old trees and a few fruit trees that attract song birds.

The fruit and grass also attract an abundance of rabbits and ground squirrels that keep the coyotes, foxes and larger hawks well fed.

As a side note: A friend of mine asked if the coyotes were a danger. As a rule unless they’re sick coyotes run away when people approach. They may yap at you if you climb the hill and get too close to a den but that’s about as threatening as they get.

This is a view of modern day Tonapah, Nv. The hill in the background shows the marks of the mining that’s still the major source of employment for the town.

And this is the way folks moved back in the day – the family wagon. (Sam’s Town)covered wagon