Insanity 101

This place is making me crazy(ier).

I work mostly with women and all of them gossip, add couple of full blown drama queens to the mix and things get even more interesting.

One of the women thrives on other people’s misery and goes out of her way to create problems.

One of the women is seriously anal about everything. She even has white carpet at home –a sure sign of insanity– and makes everyone leave their shoes in the garage.

One of the women is angry because she can’t go part-time and avoid dealing with the first two. She also bitches about it at least once a day.

One of the women whines incessantly because she’s trying buy a house, but she doesn’t have any money, and her husband, who lives in his own place, contributes nothing towards her expenses. She’s also trying to quit cheating on him. –I guess quitting cheating is a lot like quitting smoking. “It’s easy, I’ve done it lots of times.”

One of the women takes everything she hears -especially the bad stuff- and makes sure everybody in the entire business hears her slightly twisted version of events.

And then the boss-lady tells me one thing, somebody else another thing and tells a third person something entirely different. Then she swears that’s not what she meant and yells about everything that goes wrong from following her orders. It’s all that person’s fault because that’s not what she said!

I went over to get a cup of coffee and while two women were stuffing their faces with some sort of hard roll stuffed with cream cheese. In between the “so and so did this” and “so and so said that” they were comparing notes on diets??? –Only in a building full of women… Sigh.

I just got a text from one of our other stores about stuff printing on the wrong printer. I asked which printer she’d chosen and she said she never chooses a printer she just clicks through. Okay, so everything goes to the default printer. But that’s not the one she wants! So something’s wrong because she “never” has to pick a printer anywhere else!
–I guess all the other printers are psychic.

If I didn’t already drink this place would sure as shit make me start.