Seeing Spots

This is what happens when your mind wanders back to 1968….. and stays.

The building belongs to Pioneer Loan and sits at the corner of Sahara and Valley View.

Two shades of green with orange pillars may seem a bit over the top.

–Until you look at the orange dots on the side of a green building.

Yeppers. They actually paid somebody to do that.

–Cue the Bellamy Brothers, He’s an Old Hippie.

Cool 1931 Buick

At Pioneer Loan they are making room in the showroom for a 1931 Buick roadster with rumble seat in really nice shape.
1931 Buick
It started right up at 27° so we know the engine’s been restored and the clutch is good.

But no; they won’t let me drive it and no they won’t let me sit in it. ;-(
–Not that it matters; it’s about two sizes too small for me anyway.

The only things wrong with it that I’m aware of are the one tail light lens is not original and the color was originally green instead of red.

I know I can’t drive it but it still looks cool and I want one.

Southern Nevada Water Shortage

This is a repost. Because nothing is more important in the middle of the desert than water.

My friends ask about the water level in Lake Mead and the best explanation I can give them is to show them this.
(click on a photo for a larger image.)

The lake has dropped almost 140 feet in the last few years, making the bathtub ring approximately the same height as a 14 story building.

And in spite of this rather obvious evidence, the powers-that-be in the Las Vegas valley continue to give permits for water wasters like golf courses and fountains, and they insist that you must plant trees and shrubs around any new or expanding commercial project. — I guess being in the middle of a drought, in the middle of the desert, doesn’t matter to a bunch of bureaucratic buffoons.

The Water District doing something. They are building a new intake farther out in the lake because soon the current intakes will be deeper in the mud than bottom feeding catfish. They’re also making commercials telling us what a wonderful job we’re doing conserving water, but they aren’t pushing to change the rules for golf courses or hotels. Instead they are planning on building a pipeline that runs nearly the length of the state and pumping every drop of water out from under the farmland up north.

If this keeps up it won’t be long before we will only be allowed to flush our toilets every other Tuesday, every home will have to be retrofitted with navy showers and we’ll probably all die of thirst anyway. But the valley will look green and cool while it happens.

— Every politician in Southern Nevada should be named Nero and given violin lessons —