Camera Gear Canon 80D and New Lens

I went crazy with my Nikon gear, then I sold it all to KEH and switched to a mirrorless Panasonic G7X.

Now I’ve gone back to a DSLR, only this time I’ve gone with Canon.

Aside from the learning curve, the real difference is that I only have four lenses.

    50mm f/1.8
    Tamron 150-600mm

The Tamron turns out to be a nice lens for the money.
tamron 150-600mm lens
For a cheap lens it’s surprisingly good. The only real problem I’ve had is that on my 80D it tends to over-expose by about 1-1 1/2 stops at the long end.

This beast is what I used for birds for a while until it got to be too damn heavy.
sigma 300-800mm leaning against bright red dumpster
It’s a Sigma 300-800mm, Sigmonster.
It only weighs about 12lb and is a mere 2 feet long.

I carried that monster everywhere for the first year, not so often the second year and it mostly lived in it’s case from then on.

This cheap Tamron weighs around 4lb, collapsed it’s 10″ long and I can use it on a tripod that weighs less than a small child.

And before any of you say anything, no, the Tamron is not in the same class as the Sigma. But it weighs nothing and cost about $900 whereas the Sigmonster weighs a ton and cost $4k –used.

So I have my long lens, I have a short telephoto and a wide lens and I can carry it all without having to hire a freakin moving van.

The only other thing I think I’ll buy is a Nikon to Canon lens adapter so I can use my Sigma f/1.4 85mm lens. –I don’t mind going all manual, I grew up in a time before auto-focus or autometering.

In fact my favorite camera before digital was a Nikon F2AS. You could drive nails with it and still shoot. Unlike most of these new digital toys that need to be babied.

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