Bump stocks and the Las Vegas shooter

Bump stocks 101. Or how to shoot a shitload of people without breaking a sweat.

I’ve been talking to people who were wondering just how in the Hell that lunatic -here in Las Vegas- managed to shoot that many people, at one time.

  • So, first we have approximately 22 thousand people packed together at an open air concert. –Aka: shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Next we have a room with a view. –32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay.
  • Then we have a gun show in town, so nobody thought it was weird that some guy brought a shit load of firearms to his room
  • And lastly; “Apparently,” he looked and acted like any other hotel patron. He had no known history of mental illness. He had no connections to any known death-to-America groups. And he didn’t show any outward changes in speech or behavior.

As a general rule, Jihadist will usually follow a pattern. They post on message boards, they send final letters to friends and family, and they follow radical teachings. etc. But this guy is the thing of nightmares. He blended in perfectly. He was white, he had enough money to be able to gamble regularly, and he passed any background checks with flying colors.

Sure he had 2 out of 23 rifles fitted with bump stocks, but the truth is, when shooting into a crowd of that size, the number of people wounded or killed would have been lower, but not that much lower, if he had brought 23 fully loaded lever action rifles. There simply isn’t any way to evacuate that many warm bodies without leaving them exposed for way too long.

But on to what will be blamed for the entire awful mess.

The now infamous bump stock.

Here’s how they work:
Bump stock animation

You pull the trigger and hold your finger in the pull position, while the stock slides back and forth, resetting the trigger and allowing the rifle to continue firing. It takes a bit of practice, but then it’s kind of cool. (Providing you can afford to feed the beast, at two full 30 round magazines a minute.)

These are NOT illegal. ATF has decided that these stocks, in spite of firing 45 – 60 rounds per minute, do not convert a rifle to an automatic weapon, because there is no change to the firing mechanism.

The problem is simple: It’s not about bump fire stocks, semi-auto rifles, hi-cap mags, or even gun control.

It’s about mental illness, social pressures, and all the problems that come from an over crowded planet leaving too many people in too small an area.

Have you ever noticed how rude the folks in the really crowded cities are? Well guess what. If you crowd rats together like that they develop the same problems. Only humans tend to do it voluntarily.

Get used to it folks. It’s only going to get worse.

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