Blogging and Domain Names

Once again I found myself looking for a domain name for a friend, only this time he gets to pay for and maintain the bloody thing.

As you can see, I’ve collected a shit load of domain names over the years, most of which are sitting around gathering dust.

This is a list of my 18 current domains:


I’ve had more, but I finally got smart and dumped them at the first sign they weren’t going to be used.

Let’s see:
Darkgathering, Gatherdarkness, and Shadowscall were for a young Goth chick and a couple of her friends who wanted to post their poetry, short stories, and art. That was right up until the primary decided she was unwilling to share anything “that personal.” The rest of the group bailed right after.

Raghand was for a poker player, who disappeared one day. He went back to Minnesota or someplace else where they have winter, because in Las Vegas we not only have serious summers, it’s where his ex lives.

The Pioneer group were for the place I used to work. Nobody asked me to do it, I just liked the dot rocks TLD.

Galacticpoolhall and Intergallacticpoolhall were going to be water cooler type sites for wannabe scifi authors.

Someolddude was for a friend who was cruising the Caribbean. I out lived him, and the two authors that followed.

Madnessbeckons I bought just because I liked the name. I don’t even know how I came up with it. –I guess it would make a good name for my biography.

Thesmokingpan was going to be a cooking site, now it’s a place for me to store my recipes.

Of course there’s RCNevada, which was my first domain.

If you are thinking about a domain to set up your blog, my advice is to pick a reasonable sounding domain, use WordPress, come up with a cool tagline and promote the hell out of the site. The actual domain name doesn’t matter nearly as much as the content. Or better yet, go with someplace like WordPress.Com to test the waters. It’s free.

So, unless you’re a collector, my advice is to only buy what you are going to use, and don’t pay for 10yrs unless you’re really sure about it.

As far as helping your friends with their domains; experience has taught me that you need to either make them pay for it, or only take it for a year or two. That way when they fail you don’t have to stare at it every time you need to check something with Godaddy.

This is unless you’re like me. I just look at the list and say to myself, that failed, and that failed, and I wonder what became of that guy? Oh, well. They’re mine, there are a couple of really cool names in there, and I may yet find a use for them.

Yeah, I’m a pack rat at heart and I hate to let go of any of my cool stuff.

And whatever you do; WRITE! I’ve gone from a few thousand hits to a few hundred, simply because I haven’t kept up with my posts.

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