Blog post title suggestions

What’s that? You want to write a blog post today? But you don’t know where to begin?

Is writer’s block winning? Have you run out of ideas? Does your head feel like it’s going to explode?
Would you rather be cleaning the bathroom?
Monse's cleavage

Well, maybe these fill-in-the-blank suggestions will give you that kick in the pants to get you writing again. –If not, at least your bathroom will be clean.

Amazing alternatives to ____________-ing.

Creative ways to make your ____________ even better.

Lessons that have changed the way I ____________.

Mantras to help you survive ____________.

The most beautiful ____________ in the world.

People who do ____________ better than anyone else.

People who have shaped and inspired the way that I ____________.

Questions to ask yourself before you ____________.

Quotes to inspire you to ____________.

Reasons to fall head-over-heels in love with ____________.

Reasons to give ____________-ing another shot.

Reasons your ____________-ing plan isn’t working out.

Reminders for times when you feel like ____________-ing.

Simple ways to spruce up your ____________.

Songs that will make you wanna ____________.

Surprising places to find your next ____________.

Terrible mistakes I made while ____________-ing — and what I learned from each one.

Things I love about ____________.

Things I no longer believe about ____________.

Things most people don’t know about ____________.

Things that are making me feel totally ____________.

Things to consider before making a decision about ____________.

Things to do when you need a break from ____________.

Truths about ____________ I wish I’d known, __ years ago.

Ways to ____________ on a budget.

Ways to ____________ when you’re totally bored of all the usual ____________.

Ways to attract more ____________ into your life.

Ways to create more ____________ in the world.

Ways to have more fun while you ____________.

Ways to simplify the way you ____________.

A behind-the-scenes tour of my ____________.

A can’t-mess-it-up checklist for your very first ____________.

___ Things to do before it’s time for ____________.

Everything I know about ____________ I learned from ____________.

Good news! ## reasons to smile and be happy about ____________.

How I scored a chance to ____________. (And how it changed my ____________.)

How to ____________ even if you don’t think you’re “ready.”

How to ____________ like nobody’s ever ____________-ed before.

How to ____________ when everything totally ____________s.

How to ____________ when you’re a complete beginner.

How to ____________ without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)

How to ____________ without spending a dime.

How to bounce back after a shocking and unexpected ____________.

How to choose the right ____________ for your ____________.

How to cope when ____________ doesn’t approve of your ____________.

How to get the most out of your next ____________.

How to have a conversation with your ____________ about ____________.

How to persuade your ____________ to help you ____________.

How to prevent ____________ from ever happening to you. (Or happening again.)

How to profoundly impress your ____________s, every time.

How to soothe your ego when nobody wants to ____________ with you.

How to spend less time doing ____________ (and make more time for ____________.)

How to transform your ____________ into a ____________.

I met my hero, ____________! Here’s what I learned.

My up-close-and-personal conversation with ____________.

Oops! You screwed up your ____________. ___ ways to fix it.

Read this the next time you’re desperately longing for ____________.

Read this the next time you’re doubting your ability to ____________.

Read this the next time you’re ready to give up on ____________.

So, you gave ____________-ing a shot? Didn’t work out? ## things to try next.

So, you think you want to ____________? ## pieces of advice.

Terrified about ____________-ing? __ Comforting words of advice.

The ____________ guide to ____________-ing.

The ## best decisions I ever made about ____________.

The #1 question that every ____________ asks me.

The #1 reason that nobody’s interested in your ____________. (Yet.)

The downside of ____________-ing — and how to do it differently.

The dark, deep, scandalous secret that ____________ wishes you knew about ____________.

The easiest, simplest, happiest way to ____________.

The last time I ever ____________-ed. (And why I’ll never do it again.)

The story of that one time I ____________-ed, and lived to tell the tale.

The surprising connection between ____________ and ____________.

The top ## ways to ____________.

Totally bored of ____________? ___ things to try, instead.

Totally freaked out about ____________? __ reasons to relax.

Totally obsessed with ____________? __ things you’ll love, even more.

What ____________ taught me about ____________.

What I tell myself when I really don’t feel like ____________-ing.

What it REALLY means to ____________.

What to wear to your very first ____________.

Why ____________ matters to me.

Why absolutely nothing is wrong with your ____________.

Why being ____________ is a surprisingly good idea.

Why I’m no longer satisfied with ____________ — and what I’m doing about it.

Why that terrible ____________ is actually a blessing.

Why there’s more than enough ____________ to go ’round.

Why we’re all desperately waiting for you to ____________.

Why you should get out of your own way and ____________ already.

Get out there and write the ____________-iest blog post that ever ____________-ed.

And have a ____________ day.

Ain’t it amazing how many of these can be completed with the words blog, fuck or sex?

House Work means DIY.

House work is one of the joys of owning your own home. By “house work,” I don’t mean dusting, I mean replacing whatever is broken today.

I had a 4ft, 4 bulb, florescent light in the kitchen give up the ghost, so I replaced it with a 4ft LED light.
Led lights fixture label

LEDs on fixture

Led lights turned on

Led light fixture lit up

To my eyes, this LED unit seems to put out twice as much light as the old school florescent unit, and, according to the label, it will save me something like $458 dollars over the lifetime of the product.

Also according to the label, the “lifetime” is something like 50,000 hours. So, let’s see; there are 8760 hours in a year, that makes it a tiny bit less than 6 years, which works out to about $76 per year. It doesn’t sound nearly as impressive when you put it like that, does it?

To bring even more joy to my life, the garbage disposal died that same day. -I wonder why?
Bottom of garbage disposal showing rust
(As a side note: If the part you connect to the sink says “insinkerator” and so does the one you’re pulling, you don’t have to replace the flange unless there’s something wrong. Because, as far as I can tell, they are all interchangeable.)

So, after taking a trip to the hardware store, and lightening my wallet by a couple of hundred bucks. I got to crawl under the sink and then climb up a ladder. -Multiple times.

Well, at least I got my exercise.

Of course my back is screaming at me about knowing better than to crawl under sinks, and my bad shoulder is reminding me why I shouldn’t work overhead. But it’s done, which is a good thing.

The bad news is that, while I was under the sink, I noticed that the valves are badly in need of replacement. So, once again, I get the joy of dragging a 6’4″, 275lb, frame into a kitchen cabinet.

On days like this I feel like I need a landlord to call, cuz, I’m too damn old for this shit.

On the upside, I may have to fix everything myself, but I can paint my living room purple with orange polka dots if want. –Yeah, that’s a scary picture.

Changes in iPhone OS 11 image format

First the new image naming system in iPhone OS 11 is weird.
The old system: IMG_0201
The new system: 9447702A-59FF-4DB7-B9F8-92E52418FFAF

Do they realize that their alpha-numeric id is longer than a Windows serial number?

And then the new image format is HEIF (heef) -High-Efficiency Image File- instead of jpeg. It can store multiple images in a single file which is great for their “live” photos. (A short video for lack of a better description.)

On the upside the output is jpeg, so there’s no real compatibility problem. I just want to be able to work with the original image(s) and not have to fight the iPhone software conversion.

Adobe is working on a way of handling this new format, but that takes time.

And the last thing I read about Microsoft is that they have nothing to say. Surprise, surprise.

As with all things, change is inevitable. Heck I even got used to the live photos. It’s great for people because you can go through it frame by frame and pick the best of them.
–I use the video2photo app to review and choose. (I just checked and the app still seems to be working well)

There are, God only knows, how many websites and groups dedicated to iPhoneography, and I admit that I take a lot of fast and dirty shots with my phone. However until someone makes some serious changes it’ll never compete with a real camera.

The truth is that this current photo system works for what I use my phone for. To top it off, to my eye at least, the photos look as good, possibly better, than they did with the old system. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

This is because the experts say I need to include a picture.
Admiring herself in the mirror

Finishing the first draft of my novel –Not

I’ve been trying to get the first draft of my great American novel finished, but nothing is going as planned.

I know there are supposed to be setbacks and the first draft is supposed to suck. But it’s one thing to expect problems, it’s quite another to deal with them in real life. So I keep getting frustrated and starting over, and over, and over. Which accomplishes exactly squat, and leaves me running in place pretending I’m getting someplace.

A friend is entering NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writers Month, where the object is to write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words in one month. There’s no way in Hell I can beat that, but if they have a “most pages shredded” category I’m a shoo-in.

What the experts tell you to do is just type your first draft. No edits, no spell check, no nothing. Just type.

Shit, I never understood how OCD I was until I tried to take that advice. I can’t do it, it bugs the living piss out of me to leave a misspelled word or a singular/plural error uncorrected. And don’t get me started on sentence structure or dialog.

I’ve gone as far as to buy an ancient Neo2 word processor.
neo2 word processor
The NEO2 has a green screen with black letters that will display six, 16 character, lines of small text, five lines of medium text and four lines of large font text. That’s it.

I even bought a copy of Write or Die for twenty bucks. It’s a program that keeps track of certain word counts with warnings and penalties if you don’t meet your goals.

I especially like Kamikaze mode. “The wee little word monster that runs kamikaze mode has developed a more refined sensibility now. These days he only likes vowels. If you turn on kamikaze mode and allow consequences to ensue, your words will be systematically disemvoweled.” In other words, it removes every vowel from every word you’ve typed. How’s that for an incentive to keep up?

Bermuda Grass is pretty much unkillable

Bermuda grass growing up through the cracks and taking over the patio.
bermuda grass in patio

When I started the grass was a foot high in places, so I used a weed whacker to bring it down to a manageable height. I wouldn’t say there was a lot of grass, but I had to use a garden rake to pile it up because the broom just couldn’t cut it.

As you can see, I didn’t finish the cleanup because it started raining.

This was a typical desert thunderstorm, lots of wind, noise, lightning and pouring rain. A series of storms were blowing through so it gave me an excuse not to continue. –Like I need an excuse to stop working.

When I went inside the grass was scraped down to the level of the cement. So I was not a happy camper when I looked out this morning and saw this bright green grass showing me who was the boss.

I give up. Cutting Bermuda is just pissing into the wind. So I trotted down to the nursery looking for something to kill it.

At least they had the good manners not to laugh out loud, but the bottom line is that I’m going to have to give it multiple treatments, and then the best I can hope for is to control it.

I’ll give glyphosate a try, but plan B is swimming pool acid.