Analytics Report Is Only a Guide

Have you ever looked at a Google analytics chart on your WordPress admin page and thought the data was giving you accurate, specific data?

Well, this is the graph from the plugin “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” on a relatively new blog.
google analytics chart

Would somebody explain to me how you get .25 visitors???

The numbers are pretty much bullshit no matter what you use. There will always be spiders and spammers that analytics will count as legitimate visits. And an update will sometimes even count the administrator among the visitors.

So we look at the numbers, take them with a grain of salt and only use them as trend markers.

If you want an accurate accounting, I’m afraid that you’ll just have to start some kind of membership site and make everybody login.

This post stemmed from a conversation with an overpaid desk jockey who thinks these numbers are the be-all, end-all of data collecting and will never admit he’s wrong.

Think I ought to tell him that the big boss comes to me if it’s important and that I make more than he does? –And I don’t have to wear a fucking tie.

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