About Me

Every blog needs an “about me” page, or so I’m told. Something about readers wanting someone they can identify with.

At any rate, I’m doing this because I made a promise. (You would think, that after 66 years on this earth, I’d know better than to make promises while sitting at the bar.)

So, where to start?

I was born Nov 1951 in Boulder City, Nv.
I went to Boulder City Elementry.
I graduated from Valley High, Las Vegas, Nv in 1970.
(Did you know that Valley had the first computer in the Clark County school district? A CDC 360 the size of a desk that was programmed in Fortran II, used punched tape and had a whopping 12k memory.)
I have some college, but I only took the fun courses. Electronics, drafting, that sort of thing.

I’ve traveled a fair bit, in fact, starting when I was about 3 I used to go up to Montana with my grandparents every summer.

And it seemed like every time we came home it was to a different house. –One of the joys of being poor.

Since then I’ve traveled enough that I no longer have the urge to go anywhere that requires me to live out of a duffel bag or suitcase.

When I wasn’t on the road, I owned a machine shop, I built fiberglass swimming pools and electric cars. I also ran used bookstores and even a video store.

Until very recently I worked as IT for a company that had a pawn shop and title loan stores. but they sold the pawn shop -the new owners didn’t need me- and the title loan centers didn’t need fulltime network help, so now I’m sitting here waiting for my first Social Security payment.

I’m still trying to figure out how the Hell I managed to get old.

So here we go with the pictures:

Me at 15 or 16 years old.
Me at 16 years old

Me at 24, drunk with a rose in my teeth and a stained Budwiser tshirt.
Me drunk and 24

Me at 58, drunk, fat, and happy.
Me drunk and fat in 2009

I’ve also got a couple of tattoos.

Falcon in a dreamcatcher on my left shoulder.
falcon tattoo tattoo left shoulder

A dragon on my right shoulder.
dragon tattoo right shoulder surrounded by flames drawn by Eddie Lynn

And a small spider on my right calf.

Have you noticed how often I use the word “drunk?” Well, I hardly do that anymore. –Which means I’m even more boring.

This is a WIP so this is the end of About Me for now.