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  • Rich 12:48 pm on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Vlogging — Fail 

    A dude I know got all exited when he was asked to do a company vlog (Video Blog). So he ran out and bought a bunch of equipment, like recorders, mixers, lighting and green screens. –Before seeing the money.

    Yeah, you saw this next bit coming:
    After he put all that shit junk and crap on his card he was told that the company didn’t have the budget to reimburse him after all.

    Can you say crash and burn? –So much for his shot at internet fame.

    The good part is he bought it all with a 30 day, no questions asked, right of return. So he dragged everything back to the store except for this Sony recorder he bought online.

    Sony Recorder
    Instead of returning it or using it for work he sold it to me.

    It was one of those, “I’ve gotta have it” moments, because the second I saw it, I had an epiphany. –I would use it to record all those brilliant ideas I have while I’m rolling in to work.

    Yeah, right. “Best laid schemes” and all that.

    I’ve tested it and it has pretty good noise rejection, so it’ll do the job, but I haven’t had a flash of brilliance worth recording since I bought it.

    Oh well, I’ll find something to do with it, but something tells me it’s not going to make any sort of major change in the way I work. :-(

    Note to self:
    Next time ignore the stupid epiphany and spent the money on dope or booze. They won’t make you a genius, but for a little while they’ll let you delude yourself into believing you are.

    • Rich 11:51 am on February 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

      How to be a Morning Person 

      I read something –I’ll be damned if I can remember where– about how to become a morning person, so I gave it a try. –Mary mother of God, it sucks!

      Alright then, just in case one of you night owls wants to see how much pain you can endure here are the basics:

      Get out of bed and start moving. Don’t hit snooze, just put your feet on the floor and go.

      Turn on the lights. Light helps the mind realize it’s daytime. –It seems that most of the rest of you are programmed to wake when it’s light and sleep when it’s dark.

      If you have something to do for the first fifteen or twenty minutes you’re over the hump. Cook breakfast, make coffee or something like that.

      I don’t suggest taking a shower first thing unless it’s very cool. –I don’t know about you, but a hot shower pounding on my back or better yet the back of my head feels so good that it leaves me fighting to stay awake.

      You’ll also need to get enough sleep. So train yourself to go to bed early. No late night computer, TV or texting. And no caffeine; which means no coffee, coke, chocolate or dark tea.

      And there you have it. The basics of how to become a morning person.

      I knew morning people were weird, I just didn’t realize how weird, until I tried to be like them.

      Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. == Die anyway.

      • Rich 2:25 pm on January 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

        Addendum to Domain BS 

        Just a fast update.
        “Darkdreams dot com” seems to have been hijacked. It redirects to a site that has a voice telling you over and over that you have a virus. –It didn’t appear to be trying to install malware, but bitdefender may have blocked it. Anyway, lots of luck closing your browser after going there.

        And “asleep dot com” is for sale for $112,500.00. –Makes the other domains look cheap doesn’t it.

        • Rich 11:23 am on January 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

          More Domain Bullshit 

          I was looking for new domain names for the company and found a couple that sounded good. Unfortunately, somebody already snatched up the name I really wanted. The good news is that it’s for sale; for a mere $28,800 and the other was a steal at only $21k. You know, they say domain squatting was illegal, but they said nothing about buying domains for resale.

          And the domain registrars aren’t any better. They sell “premium domain names” for a considerable profit. For instance, one domain I considered has a one time charge of $1499 in addition to the usual yearly fee.

          They all do it and they’re the only game in town, so what can you do?

          Moving on:
          Another aggravation is a friend who owns “Political Nevada dot com.” It was supposed to be exactly what it sounds like, a political blog. Then he decided he might offend the wrong people, like certain politicians who are also friends. So it sits empty.

          So fucking what! It’s supposed to offend somebody. The whole point of a political blog is to support certain politicians, while shining the cold hard light of day on their opponents backroom dealings. And who better to do it than someone who’s a friend and campaign contributor?

          Barring that, how about just tweaking their noses by posting their personal foibles. That’s not only fun, it’ll probably make for a large following. With the bonus of it being very unlikely to seriously affect anyone’s political careers, so as long as it’s done for fun political friends shouldn’t be too unhappy.

          Ah, well, there’s no chance he’ll ever sell it, he doesn’t need the money. And there’s no chance in Hell he’ll ever use it.

          On top of that, the few things he wrote way back when were so poorly edited that they read more like stream of consciousness than well thought out prose.

          His excuse was that he “didn’t have time.” So how about putting everything in a draft and letting someone else edit the final version? –Nope, it was “his article.”

          And before you ask; he won’t tell me anything he knows about the local politicos because he knows damn well I’d publish it in a heartbeat. –It really sucks to have a well connected source you can’t use.

          It’s no wonder my brain hurts.

          • Rich 6:31 pm on January 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

            Showing My Age with Computers 

            I’m sitting here trying to accomplish something, but my mind keeps losing focus, so I’m just mumbling to myself until I can get it together.

            You know, I’ve been doing this computer shit since the days when I used to program one of these in Fortran II.
            A CDC 160 that was literally a desk, with a tape printer hiding in the left compartment and a thermometer taped to the reader on the desktop.
            We used punched tape, not punch cards, those were reserved for the big boys. Punched paper tape that tore, got caught in readers, got stepped on and soaked in various liquids. –Any of which could force you to rewrite your entire program.
            We also had to use a Flexowriter to type or print our programs. And with no way to store back-up copies we were very protective of our tapes. –Floppy discs weren’t commercially available until 1971 and those were 8″ in diameter.

            In those days, I thought computers were uber cool. Thereby killing what little chance I might have had with this seriously hot chick. Cheerleaders and their hot friends were into jocks, not nerds/geeks.

            I’ve been sitting around thinking about those days and I can’t help wondering just how the hell a guy who was 6’4″, 225lbs and who’s best friends were barely housebroken, wound up a nerd. –That’s almost enough to make this unrepentant atheist believe there is a God… With a really twisted sense of humor.

            If you’re anywhere near my age you undoubtedly remember reading “scientific” articles written by “experts” telling us that computers were going to instantly turn us all into the Jetsons, complete with flying cars and robotic servants. –Well? I’m waiting.

            It was an age of wishful thinking, but not a lot of real analysis (kind of like Fox news). Think about it; the science magazines of the day almost universally told us that in just a few years computers were going to completely eliminate paper. –And I’m still waiting.

            Computers a great, when they work properly. But when they fail –and they do fail– it does wonders for the sale of alcohol and Excedrin. Assuming of course the liquor store’s computer isn’t down.

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