1909 Sears Motor Buggy

I was coming out of the Clark County Museum when a guy rolled up with this on his pickup ready to donate.

This is a 1909 -first year of production- Sears Motor Buggy as ordered through the Sears catalog for $395. You could either pick it up in Chicago or they would deliver it to your closest railroad depot.

This luxury automobile featured an air-cooled 10hp motor, dual chain drives, solid tires and a blazing top speed of 25mph.

History of the Sears Motor buggy

I took a few shots with my Canon S95 and after staring at them for a while I decided that some things look better in HDR or in this case as tone mapped images.

2 Replies to “1909 Sears Motor Buggy”

  1. Very nice… is this Sears Model J, on the Sears Registry? Which is an Affiliate Register of HCCA.

    If not, please contact me and I will be pleased to corrspond and obtain info for the Registry.

    email: GSTREE@AOL.Com

    1. I believe it is but I’m uncertain.
      The owner used to drive it in parades and was moderately famous here in Nevada. He was donating it to the Clark County history museum when I saw it.

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