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  • Rich 4:26 pm on August 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Professional Cuddlers 

    There are in this world Professional cuddlers.
    –Now there’s a job description that will either thrill you or just plain creep you out.

    Imagine having to cuddle up next to someone you’ve never met before. You don’t know if they’re a serial rapist or a saint. In fact you don’t even know if they have lice or bed bugs. I don’t care how often you wash the sheets or your hair, without special treatment there are somethings that just will not go away.

    What about body odor or halitosis? There are people out there who have these problems no matter how often they bathe or brush their teeth.

    Haven’t grossed you out yet? OK, so here’s the link to “Certified Cuddlers” FAQ. –It should give you an idea about how the job really works.

    A final thought: If the cuddler farts while cuddling you, can you demand your money back?

    • Rich 4:38 pm on August 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

      Favorite Fishin’ Hole 

      Any fisherman can attest to the truth of this.
      when you tell the wrong person about your secret fishing hole

      When I spent summers in Montana I wondered why everyone told the tourists that the place to go was Rock Creek; it’s the local sewer creek. — After going out fishing a few times and being relentlessly bothered by tourists, I got it.

      • Rich 12:25 pm on July 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

        1960’s Teisco Guitar 

        Ok, so I’m going through my shit and deciding what I need to get rid of, when I came across this refugee from the 1960’s sitting in the back of a closet.
        1960s Teisco guitar

        I honestly can’t remember when the last time was that I played it, but when I bought it I thought it looked cool. Mostly because it has a metal pick-guard, four single coil pickups and real live rocker switches across the top.

        It’s an old 1960’s Teisco, made in Japan, that was probably labeled as a Lindell or Silverstone or some such. The labels were usually just glued on top of the slick lacquer finish after the fact, which created a tendency for the label to peal off over time, which is why I not sure who sold it originally.

        Not that who sold it matters. It’s a long ways from pristine, the finish has some serious cracking, the jack is loose and scratchy as hell, the pickups are sort of weak and I’m not even sure all the switches still work. That means I’m going to have to field strip it and clean it and see if I think it still sounds cool.

        Just what I need. Another project I’ll get around to finishing sometime in the next decade or so.

        • Rich 11:08 am on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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          More New Microphones 

          More new microphones: Once again I won on eBay by making a lowball offer. –Yeah, I know. I said I wasn’t going to do that any more…. I lied.

          At any rate I got a deal.. Kinda. I paid the price of one used MXL V69me for a pair of them. So I know I can recoup my money. But, only one mic works well. The other has major issues with self noise.

          Both mics look identical.
          Outside view of MXL V69M

          However, the guts look like this:

          The noisy unit has the tube held in place by two pieces of silicon. This allows the tube to wobble every time you touch the mic.
          mxl v69m small circuit boards

          This unit has a full length circuit board with the tube securely mounted to the board and is remarkably quiet for a tube mic.
          mxl v69m with full length circuit board

          They are both labeled MXL V69, but I would wager that the mic with the floating tube was either the first run off the assembly line or, more likely someone’s attempt at modding. —I just checked. Both mics are original and the reason the tube is loose is because someone replaced the factory low-bid Chinese 12at7 with a Tung-Sol which is just fractionally shorter.

          So my next project is to rip the mic apart and fix it.

          In case nobody noticed, as far as I’m concerned all these new toys are to play with, not to use. –After all, I only need one mic for voice-over.

          • Rich 11:51 am on July 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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            I started to exercise and eat less. My goal is to drop from 275lbs to 235lbs.
            So far, everything hurts and I’m starving.

            But why is it the fat people are telling me what I’m doing wrong? –Not joking

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